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    Our company Artibalta is supplying embroidery and hobby products as well as materials for framing business . At the moment, we are exporting our products into more than 24 countries in Europe as well as USA. In our product range you can find cross stitch and beaded kits, diamond painting kits, paint by numbers kits, threads, beads, other accessories and creative kits.

    At the moment we represent these well known brands. Golden Fleece, Oven, Riolis, Vervaco, Lanarte, Dimensions, Luca-s, Alisa, Orchidea, Golden Hands, Diamond painting, Zweigart, Madeira, Preciosa, Elbesee and other companies.

    Customers are working with us, because:

    • Wide range of products available in stock. You don‘t need to invest into your own stock, as we can ship you all the required products in short period of time. It makes working with us Easy and Convenient.
    • We are eager to supply all the required hobby and embroidery brands in the field of embroidery, hobby and art. You don‘t need to invest hours of your time, dealing with various suppliers and it reduce transport costs.
    • Best prices on the brands we are offering. We want to give you good conditions, so your business can grow and develop.
    • We are constantly searching for the new products in the field of embroidery and hobby. That‘s why in our product range you will always find something new, which is still not available at our competitors.
    • Fast & Easy Delivery. We designed well working supply chain, which helps to receive the products in the short period of time with minimal cost on transport. It is not enough to have a good product, but you need to get it delivered in time!
    • Individual approach to every customer. We are creating cooperation terms, which is convenient for YOU. If we understand what you need, we can add the most value to your business.

    At the moment our range includes over 8000 embroidery, cross stitch and beaded kits, over 850 diamond painting kits and over 6000 other products in the field of embroidery and hobby. Your customers can fully express their creativity and improve their creative talents with the products we have in stock.

    Our product range is constantly increasing and we are looking for new opportunities. We would be happy to hear from new producers in the field of embroidery, hobby and art.

    If you are interested to cooperate with us, please send us a request to our email artkatalog@artbalt.lt or by phone number +370 674 70 492. Our manager will contact you, in the short period of time. We are confident, that working with us can grow your business and we can offer to you something new!

    We express our sincere Gratitude to our permanent customers!