Diamond Painting - Creativity kit with Rhinestones

Our company Artibalta is happy to present diamond painting kits from the leading Russian producer Diamond Art.

It is a new hobby, which came from the East and gained popularity among handcraft fans. This type of hobby is called diamond painting, diamond art, diamond embroidery, as it involves different types of activity and hobby.

Diamond Painting contains all required materials and resources to complete final picture:

  • Canvas with adhesive layer & printed scheme. Symbol on the printed scheme corresponds to particular number and colour of the rhinestones

  • Acrylic Strass/Rhinestones in the numbered bags

  • Tweezer or Stylus to complete the picture

  • Plastic container for the rhinestones. It helps to sort them

  • Instruction

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Picture creating process is very entertaining, it can be enjoyed by both children and the adults. Once you start it is impossible to stop, until you finish the whole picture. That's why be aware of your time, it will go very quickly!

Final picture is very colourful, dimensional and textured. Rhinestones sparkle and play beautifully on the light. This type of painting will be a unusual and innovative way to decorate your interior. The kit is packed in the colourful box - it can be perfect for any ocassion to any of your valuable people.


Why to pick Diamond painting kits from our producer:

  • Producer guarantees the quality of the kit and safety of the products. If you run out of rhinestones, you can always contact us to get extra rhinestones to finish the kit. Our company assist you with any upcoming issues and you can be sure, that your picture or your customers picture will be completed in full.

  • Adhesive layer has good quality. You don't need to add glue into the rhinestones and simplifies the work a lot. If you follow the instruction, rhinestones will hold for a long time.

  • Only good quality rhinestones are used inside the kit. Every piece of the mosaic has the same size. The kit contains 20% more rhinestones, than it is required to complete the picture. You don't need to worry any more about dropped and lost rhinestones.

  • Diamond painting designs are highly tailored. It helps to create good final effect and you will want to complete more of these kits.

  • Biggest product range of Diamond painting kits, which is constantly increasing. You will find many interesting designs for any ocassion and difficulty level. There are picture for kids in small format (full and partial completion), you can complete it together with your kids.

  • Diamond painting quickly gained popularity in European and Russian markets. It is the leader by popularity and sold kits in the field diamond painting embroidery.

As always, we are happy to present only the best to you. Numerous positive reviews in the internet, were confirmed on practice. At the moment, Diamond painting is one of the most popular hobbies. If you are interested to distribute these kits and to receive the catalogue, please contact us on the email or telephone bellow.

Telephone: +370 674 70 492