New Cross Stitch Designs from Oven Winter 2017
New Cross Stitch kits from Golden Fleece
New Diamond Painting designs - November 2017
As the winter is coming, and people spend more time at home, it’s perfect time for your hobbies. Therefore we would like to present a new cross stitch collection from Golden Fleece. One of the most popular selection is added with new Leonid Afremov paintings: S/GM031, S/MM022 and S/CHM057. All Leonid Afremov paintings stands out with bright colors and pastel technique. Golden fleece continue extending it’s museum collection with Marc Chagall pai
We are glad to present new cross stitch designs by Oven. This time new design - feature watercolour searies, based on Liudmila Skripchenko paintings. Watercolour flowers are painted in her unique style. Animals are the best friends of humans. That's why Oven like to release animal cross stitch kits so often. This time you will enjoy 5 different sources of cuteness. These kits are not big - so you can stitch it in between your mayor cross stitch p
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