New Diamond Painting Designs - November 2017

New Diamond Painting Designs - November 2017

New Diamond Painting Designs - 3 New Collections

Artibalta is glad to present widest range of diamond painting kits. New designs can be divided into 3 collections: Museum Collection, Beloved Friends Collection and Bright Fantasy. Collection. 

Museum collection features favourite pieces of art implemented in diamond painting technique. You will find such famous paintings, as Gustav Klimt "Kiss", Rafaello's "Angels", Van Gogh's "Night Cafe" and "Starry Night" as well as Madonna Litta from Leonardo da Vinci. 

Beloved friends collection has interesting designs with animals in small format. Small format, low price and cute animals is the good recipy Black Friday, Christmas and other promotions. Customers will love to purchase them for gifts to their relatives,friends or treat themselves to a gift. 

Bright Fantasy collection is the answer to the multiple customer requests we have received. This collection features mystical animals,  abstract flowers and other designs. 

Our favourite design in the following collection is the Young Ballet Dancer AZ-1559. Design is very tender. It creates an illusion, that you have to follow her. Also this kit is made in the most popular size 30x40cm, which makes the kit one of the top sellers.

What is your favourite kit?