How to Do Painting by Numbers

How to Do Painting by Numbers

How to Do Painting by Numbers

At this moment, you are holding original box of Artventura painting by numbers kit. In this article we will provide couple of useful tips. 

To start with, please organise your work area

  1.     If you are painting on the table, then it is recommended to cover it with newspaper or paper. Maybe not, in so radical way! :)

         2.    Prepare a cup of water to clean painting brushes. Also put the cloth nearby, to dry the brushes after you water them. Big 50x40cm Artventura kits have cloth provided inside the kits.

          3. Open the box and study the items and instruction carefully. Every kit contains: good quality canvas, instruction with recommendations, set of acrylic paint, 1 painting brush in mini kits and couple of brushes in the Big kits, stickers to number the paint tubes. Big kits also contain control sheet and cleaning cloth



              4. Number the jars with stickers provided. 
              5. Original Artventura painting by numbers kit will allow you to create handmade cup and pallete made from the back of the box. Please push the cardboard following the lines on the back. To hold the cup together, use the rope, at the top of the kit.

 Start painting the picture.

1. Find correct number of the paint, which corresponds to the segment on the canvas. Colour that segment. It is suggested to colour bigger areas first and then smaller areas for the end. 

2. As you as you finish colouring 1 segment area, water the brush carefully and dry it out with the cloth. Then you can start next colour. 

3. It is very important to close the colour jar, once you finish painting. Acrylic paint quickly dry out. 

4. Carefully colour thin areas. You don't need to rush.

5. It is recommended to add couple of layers of light colour paint, to make sure numbers and areas are not seen.

6. If the paint becomes a bit dense you can add a drop of water into the paint. Alternatively you can add paint brush into the water and then take the paint. 

 Mixing Colours

Some kits require to mix the paint to get required colour. There is a detailed instruction, how to mix the paint colours. 

 Cover Picture with the Varnish

Some kits provide varnish together with the acrylic paint. Based on your personal preference, you can cover your picture with varnish, to make colours brighter and more contrast. It recommended to use wider paint brush, once you cover the picture.  

Frame final painting into beautiful frame and it will become a masterpiece, which you can show to your friends and relatives!

Good Luck!