Hoops Holder for Table with Extra Support ZM002



Materialteak + metal

Universal hoops and frames holder for table. The holder secures the hoops from 5mm to 19 mm wide. It could be used with additional details to secure embroidery frames and Q-Snaps.

Simple, elegant and comfortable hoops, frames and Q-Snaps holder for table.

Additional parts can be easily added for the stand to be used as frame or Q-Snaps holder. It takes not more than a minute.

Metal knots allow to adjust the necessary height or reach the other side of the canvas just turning the handle on the side of the holder.

The holder is made of natural wood. Because of the wide base the holder is secure and stable. It has silicone parts on the base so that it does not slide in the table.

The wood is impregnated with Italian stain and covered with paint which gives it a nice shade and shine.

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