Paint by numbers

A mix between a coloring book and painting on a canvas, painting by numbers allows anyone to create detailed work of art, even if they have never taken the art class. Besides the endless variety of designs and motives, you will find different canvas sizes for your future masterpieces. Ready to feel yourself as a painter? Find everything you need inside our kits and prepare to be thrilled at the process of bringing painting to life and be amazed when the painting is done.

The kits are fully translated to into the English language (the kit cover, charts, packaging).

The beauty of Paint by Numbers lie in the fact that it’s a compact kit with all the necessary equipment to start or practice your painting skills. The ‘necessary equipment’ consist of numbered boxes of colors, different brush sizes and of course canvas with a numbered sketch to let your creative juices flow. You just have to choose a color with a number written on the box, match the number with that on the canvas; and simply fill in the spot.


These kits help the adults to learn the intricacies of painting. It helps the amateurs or aspiring individuals to learn and practice the skills of painting and the art of mixing and matching of colors. It even proves beneficial for professionals to use it as a refresher course or even trying out some new techniques variant of their normal works.



1. Organize the space and lay out the canvas.

2. Spread the paint cups with numbers on them.

3. Match the numbered section on canvas with that on the paint box.

4. Choose the right brush and Start Painting.

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