3D Paper Craft 


Wizardi paper craft figures are a fascinating hobby, props for a creative photo shoot, an original gift.

The trend for lowpoly, polygonal elements, geometry - all this is actively used in interior design now and therefore 3D voluminous constructor has become popular for home decoration.

3D Paper craft differs from origami that it is assembled using tools - glue and scissors. Bending the blanks along lines drawn in advance gives volume to the figures. The main model is a dense design cardboard.

The difference of the Wizardi sets is that all the details are cut out, nothing else is needed: except for your time and desire to create.

In the kit you will find everything you need to create a quality durable part:

  • instruction and assembly diagrams of models;

  • numbered cardboard parts with fold lines;

  • glue;

A variety of models and colors, a full set of shapes necessary for assembling, and high quality products guarantee that our paper craft shapes fit perfectly into your interior design.

A novelty that will doubtless take well not only with home decoration and entertainment for the whole family, but also with presents giving. With great variety of more than 46 amazing designs, you are more than welcome to choose between wall décor, figures for the interior and masks. More than that Wizardi paper craft kits have different levels of experience. That makes them excellent choice not only for grownups, but for kids as well. Kit contains everything you need to transform your space and give positive emotions from the creation of paper sculpture with your own hands.

The kits are fully translated to into the English language (the kit cover, charts, packaging).

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