The hobby and handiwork world is extremely diverse. However, a special place belongs to the well-known and widespread needlework art — embroidery.

Since the ancient times, people have been embroidering patterns on their clothing to make it more customized and stand out. As this art has progressed, embroidery has become applicable to a wider range of items, such as tablecloths and napkins, dresses and shirts, bedspreads, curtains, bed linen, even horse harnesses, saddles, scabbards and sabers. Embroidery tools and materials have also been evolving: stone awls have gradually become replaced with thin needles and a lot of elegant and light fabrics and materials have emerged.

Along with that, various embroidery techniques emerged, such as satin stitching, tapestry stitching and cross-stitching, the latter considered the most popular one.

In addition to the basic embroidery techniques, there are many different stitches making it possible to decorate and complete an embroidery piece in various ways. This diversity helps embroiderers express themselves and create their own unique works.

Embroidered paintings, tapestries and panel pictures deserve a separate mention — they are considered to be works of art and are exhibited in museums all over the world.

Embroidering is still popular today, hand-embroidered paintings being highly valued universally. Various manufacturers offer embroidery kits that come with all the necessary materials, so that the embroiderer doesn’t have to worry about picking the right fabric and needle or buying the correct amount of thread. The most difficult thing is design. To create a quality embroidery chart, it is not enough just to convert a picture into a scheme using a specific computer programme — this only allows selecting thread colours, but not creating a unique picture. It takes a long time for the designers of embroidery kits to work on the scheme and introduce necessary changes. It is important to make sure that all the colours go well together, the shadows and light are placed correctly, the chart colours correspond to the embroidery threads and the correct embroidering techniques are added to complete the picture and highlight its finest details. It is also very important to embroider the piece before it goes into production and fix all the errors. It takes the manufacturers several months to release one quality design.

Our company, Artibalta, has begun its journey as a dealer of embroidery kits. Today, our range includes many different kinds of hobby products, but embroidery still holds a special place in our hearts. The embroidery kit manufacturers we are lucky to work with are established leaders in their field. Each brand is recognizable and loved among embroidery enthusiasts.

We are happy not only to supply the largest online stores and retail chains, but also to help the Russian embroidery kit manufacturers localize their products, enter new markets and advertise their products to Western consumers. Due to a developed embroidery culture, the Russian embroidery kits have the most elaborate designs and the manufacturers release more new products than their Western counterparts. However, these products are less available in the Western market. Our team is working hard to solve this problem and make the Russian kits available to consumers from different countries. Our company participates in major wholesale exhibitions in Europe, such as H + H Cologne in Germany and exhibitions in England. Besides, our partners sell the kits at sales exhibitions in Germany, Italy, England, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries.