Diamond Painting - Rhinestone Handicraft Kits

Artibalta is happy to present rhinestone mosaic kits by the leading Russian producer Diamond Painting.

Diamond painting is a new hobby, which originated in the East and has gained popularity among handicraft fans worldwide. It combines different activity types and is also known as diamond art, mosaic or embroidery.

A diamond painting kit contains all the required materials to complete a picture:

  • a canvas with an adhesive layer & a printed scheme. Symbols on the scheme correspond to a particular number and colour of the rhinestones;

  • acrylic rhinestones in numbered packets;

  • a tweezer or pen to complete the picture

  • a plastic shaker tray for sorting the rhinestones;

  • instructions.

Tips and Suggestions:

  • It is very important that you place the rhinestones as close as possible to each other to avoid gaps between them. This will help preserve the overall effect of the completed picture.

  • Don't remove the entire protective film at once — uncover only a small part of the painting to complete within the session.

  • Sorting the rhinestones into labeled containers will make the process easier.

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The picture creating process is very entertaining and can be enjoyable for both kids and adults. Once you’ve started, it is impossible to stop until you finish the whole painting. Watch the time as it will pass by very quickly!

The final picture is vibrant, volumetric and textured. The rhinestones sparkle and shine beautifully in the light. This type of painting will be an unusual and innovative addition to your interior. The kit is packaged in a colourful box and can be a perfect gift for any occasion for your loved ones.


Why choose diamond painting kits by this producer:

  • The producer guarantees that the product is safe and of high quality. If you run out of the rhinestones, you can always contact us to get extra ones to finish the kit. Our company will help you with any arising issues, so you can rest assured that your or your customer’s picture will be completed in full.

  • The adhesive layer is of good quality. You don't have to add glue to the rhinestones, which simplifies the work a lot. If you follow the instructions, the rhinestones will stay in place for a long time.

  • The kit comes with high-quality rhinestones. Each mosaic piece is of the same size. The kit contains 20% more rhinestones than required to complete the picture. You don't have to worry anymore if you drop or lose a few rhinestones.

  • The diamond painting designs are carefully thought-out. This helps achieve an impressive final effect, inspiring you to complete even more kits.

  • The wide diamond painting kit range is constantly expanding. You will find lots of striking designs for any occasion and of different complexity degrees. There are small format pictures (full and partial drill paintings) that you can make together with your kids.

  • The Diamond Painting company has quickly gained popularity in the European and Russian markets. It is the leading and most sought-after manufacturer of rhinestone mosaic kits.

As always, we are happy to present only the best to you. Numerous positive customer reviews have proved to be true in practice. Diamond painting is one of the most popular creative activities to date. If you are interested in distributing diamond painting kits and receiving the catalogue, please contact us via the email or telephone number below.


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